Buying a house is an exciting occasion, It is a dream for everyone to own a house. It will most likely be the greatest purchase you will ever make in your life. On the off chance that this is your first time purchasing a house, you may battle to understand all the data banks throw at you when you take out housing loans. Here at Synagy Finance, we love to reduce the complexities into simplicity. Here is a short manual to understanding how a home loan function in Malaysia.

Common Types Of Housing Loans in Malaysia

In Malaysia bank generally offer two common types of housing loans:

1)The Traditional term loan and 2) Flexible Home loan

A Traditional Term Loan expects you to pay a fixed money every month for a set timeframe (for example 30 years). This predictable instalment every month permits you to more readily control your income.

A Flexi-Loan is basically a traditional term credit combined with a current account. Flexi-Loans are reasonable for individuals who need the flexibility of saving more cash at various time. With Flexi-Loans, the more you save the cash in your present account, the more you will have the option to reduce the interest on your home advance.

Interest Rate For Housing Loans In Malaysia

Interest rates for housing loans in Malaysia are generally cited as a rate beneath the Base Lending Rate. For instance, if the present Base Lending Rate is 6.6%, the interest rate on a BLR – 2.5% loan would be 4.1%. Need to realize the most minimal home credit loan fees in Malaysia? Contact Synagy Finance.

What is the lock-in period?

Normally banks charge a penalty of 2% to 3% (on your loan amount) on the off chance that you completely pay off your house loan within few years (max 3 years). This few years (max 3 years)time periods, where you will charge a penalty for early settlement, is basically the “lock-in period” of your home loan.

Margin Of Loan

The amount you can borrow from the bank depends upon various things, including 1) the market worth or purchase price of your home, 2) the property type (for example private or commercial), 3) the property location, and 4) the borrower’s profile (for example age, income etc.).

Banks would ordinarily lend up to a most extreme margin of a loan of 80% to 90%. This implies for an RM500,000 house, you will get nearly RM400,000  from the bank, with you paying the rest of the amount in advance.

Important Factors To Notice When Choosing  a Housing Loan

  1. Type of property
  2. Location of property
  3. Age of the borrower
  4. The Income of the borrower

As one of the most trusted housing loan agencies, Synagy Finance assists their clients in the application of all types of housing loans be it for the purchase of a new property through a developer, sub-sale or refinancing of an existing property.

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