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I am a foreigner who had my wife unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. I required urgent cash to continue with her medical treatments. The refinancing assistance and service enabled me to cash out and I feel so blessed and thankful that Synagy Finance was able to assist me closely on the matter.

Julian Deluvar

I am a lawyer who suffered from an terrible accident. I was not aware that the medical cost would have costed me so much. Thankfully, I was covered by a medical plan that I bought from Synagy Finance a year ago. They guided me with the claims and ensured I was covered through the whole process of treatment.

Benson Yeoh

I wished to refinance my housing loan with another bank as my current housing loan interest rate was way too high.

However, after attempting to apply, many banks rejected my request. After someone’s recommendation to Synagy Finance, I have managed to get the loan approved. Not only that, but the new loan also assisted me to reduce my monthly commitment greatly by settling my other debts which also had high interest rates.

Yeoh Wai Heng

Me and my wife run a company where both of our contributions are equally as important to our business. Without me, the business would not be able to run as usual. One day, my wife told me something which triggered me to think of the situation if I am no longer around. She would certainly require additional cash flow to continue running the business.

With the planning and suggestion by
Synagy Finance, I now have peace of mind with proper partners protection in place for both my wife and I.

Michael Loh

I had twice before, refinancing my home loan on 2 different banks and all I could remembered was the pain of waiting for the loan disbursement for up to 8 to 9 months. In additional of me constantly calling the bank officer to check on the updates, services are really huge disappointment.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you Moon for showing me what top services is all about. Ever since I decided to use Synagy Finance services, your professionalism in explaining to me the processes and follow up updates was seamlessly a STAR. Not only that the process from Andersen & Partners was very accommodating thanks to the follow up lawyer Gary Lim, knowing what has to be done and accurately forecasting the loan disbursement. Guess what all in all I got my disbursement only in just 4 months.

I highly recommending your services to my friends/clients and to those who wish to refinance their loan.

Well done Moon, I am definitely a satisfy client.

Aiden Liew

We are sure that this has been a long anticipated commentary from us as you had been rendering us great services throughout the years in the area of loans and financing. Now, we are also excited to share our experiences, as one of your repeating customers, for the benefit of others.

My wife and I had been engaging Synagy Finance’s services as our loan consultant for few years AND we kept coming back to her for obvious and simple reasons:-


As a business owner and entrepreneur, we will require financial planning and restructuring for our business in term of cash flow from time to time to expand our businesses, as well as, to fuel our business plans cum strategies. When this happens, we will need someone who can offer us “out of the box” solutions AND efficient supporting system to execute the financial restructuring plan (through Moon’s refinancing module) in an orderly manner. Moon had been steadfastly delivering the above quality services all this while and this itself deserves a great REMARK and APPLAUSE.

Additionally, a good plan requires good execution and this is where Moon’s supporting system and team come into the picture. Messrs. Andersen & Partners through their lawyer, Mr. Gary Lim has been instrumental in executing the documentation process and disbursement of the cash out speedily. They had been ensuring that we understand the process involved and the accurate projected execution time frame to complement our business plans. Now, that’s responsiveness and professionalism.

All in all, we are indeed grateful to have been served by Moon and her team. We are satisfied and pleased with what she had delivered.

Thanks Moon! Thanks Synagy Finance! Keep it up!

Ken Chin Shih Chuan& Audrey Tang Li San

How many of you wanted to get a property loan and can’t get the loan because of high commitment?
What if you all are given a choices to get a loan without going thru the bank, Do you want it?

Let me introduce this lady to you. She has been instrumental in providing me with practical solutions toward my refinance plan.

From application until approval, I was properly guided and assisted by her; working with her was a breeze, I am thankful to have knew this professional and solution oriented financial consultant/planner, SYNAGY FINANCE from BNI AMPANG.

Sunny Yeoh

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