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Every flourishing organization has behind its success few names that made ideas happen. While some leave behind a legacy to follow, others consistently contribute to the growth of the business. Unexpected demise of such key people can leave devastating consequences to the very existence of the organization. If you own a business that heavily relies on the contributions of some key employees/individuals whose loss can result in a substantial financial strain to the company, Keyman Insurance is for you.

Keyman Insurance is simply life insurance on the key people in a business like the Managing Director, Chairman, key project managers etc who owns distinct prominence/specialized skills that it is difficult to replace them. Family businesses which are typically dependent on few individuals will be immensely benefited by this plan. Similarly, as important as it is for the corporate firms, small businesses which are driven by the individual contributions of few names will also find it worth considering the plan.

Our experts will provide you with the much-needed professional advice and assistance to obtain Keyman Insurance for your business’ long-term sustainability.

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