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Life Protection Plan

As life evolves, our needs and priorities change. In time we realize, it’s not the years we live but the life in the years that count the most.

As you take every step to make life more colorful, we at Synagy Finance want to ensure those who added colors to your life stays strong in the wake of unexpected casualties.

Life Protection Plan is designed to provide complete protection to your family against any unforeseen events including death and total permanent disability (TPD). Specially designed to endow superior benefits to your dear ones, in the event of an unfortunate incident the plan pays out a minimum lump sum of RM 500,000.  A regular premium insurance plan that is extremely flexible in nature, it provides simple payment and coverage terms, early withdrawal and top ups for the investment amount.

Let life’s uncertainties not take away the great memories of your life. With Life Protection Plan, we keep alive the spark you created for your family.

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